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Before being put on sale, the kits are test built a number of times to ensure that your kit goes together with the minimum of trouble.  Each kit comes with comprehensive instructions with many photos to illustrate the various stages.

Prices do not include postage and packing.  

All kits come with a choice of wheel pattern as follows

Bramah,     ( -B )

Split            ( -S )

8 Spoke.     ( -8 )

9 Spoke      ( -9 )

Loch Spoke (-L)

Please let us know by email or phone as to your wheel choice.

We have sold our kits to S7 modellers who have used their own wheels. Please ask as the kits are cheaper without wheels.

So far we have wagon kits for the early LNWR and L&B. These were designed by Henry Henson. He brought about many innovations in wagon design. He left the LNWR under a cloud (apparently items from the stores were being sold off and the money not appearing in  the accounts……)

He went on to form his own company and was successful for a number of years.

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