Bringing you a new kind of model of an old kind of railway

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We shall be concentrating on the early days of the railways, starting in the late 1830’s up to about the 1880’s. The later vehicles would have lasted until the 1930’s on some branch lines, or sold on to smaller companies and would be suitable for a fictional light railway.

The earliest carriages of the London & Birmingham Railway and LNWR were our choice for launching the company as both Peter and I are particularly interested in these companies.  

We shall be expanding our range into other companies. We have noticed that some companies, such as the GWR Broad Gauge and South Eastern and Chatham Railway, have already been covered by others. A link to those concerns who cover other railway companies has been included in the ‘Useful Links’ page for anyone interested in these railways.

Please let us know what companies you are interested as this will give us a guide as to what we should do next.

Following our experience with the first two carriages we produced, the Open 2nd Class and Open 3rd Class, we found that various grades of plastic are more than strong enough for the underframes. Subsequently, the underframes for the First and Mail carriages, originally of brass, has been redesigned in plastic with the finer parts of etched brass. This minimises any soldering. All subsequent carriages are made of engineered plastic and we have managed to minimise the use of etched brass and soldering.

All kits come with your choice of wheel pattern; there are eleven types to choose from; see the ‘Wheels’ page. Please contact us by phone or email with your choice of wheel (as we haven’t worked out the best way to do this using PayPal)

Or you may purchase the kit without wheels (not available through PayPal - please phone or email)

Prices do not include postage.

Before being put on sale, the kits are test built a number of times to ensure that your kit goes together with the minimum of trouble.  Each kit comes with comprehensive instructions with many photos to illustrate the various stages.